This dashboard is developed through data collected by the Needs & Assets Assessment and Referral Services (NAARS) for newcomers who chose to participate in the process.  The dashboard provides a point-in-time snapshot of demographic and settlement information collected by Manitoba Start. The NAARS process is supported by both provincial and federal governments.

Dashboard data is updated every Tuesday.

How To Use the Dashboard

On the top right side of the page, data can be filtered through any combination of filters:

  • Date Ranges (fiscal, quarterly, monthly, specific dates)
  • Immigration Category
  • Settlement Zone Referral (7 Winnipeg Zones & Rural/Small Centre)
  • Special Initiative (Afghan, Syrian, Ukrainian)
  • Country of Origin

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Client Demographic & Settlement Information Categories

MNAARS Client Demographics & Settlement Needs

  • Country of Origin
  • Native Language
  • Immigration Category
  • Gender (on ID)
  • Age Groups
  • Family Size

MNAARS Settlement Needs

  • Settlement Zone Referral
  • Top 10 Immediate Settlement Needs


  • Language – Francophone Referral
  • Language – Interpretation


  • Technology – access to wifi
  • Technology – comfort level


  • Highest level of Education
  • Total Years of Education

Foreign Occupation (NOC)

  • Foreign Occupation (Top 20)

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