Judith Hayes, PhD – Executive Director

Dayna Hinkel – Director, Operations

Jagjit Singh – Executive Assistant

Parneet Mavi-Dhruve – HR and Business Advisor

Nico Velthuys –¬†Accountant

Sajìd Khan РManager, IT and Building Operations

Medina Puskar – Manager, Job Matching Unit

Sonya Hince – Manager, Career Services

Francis Webb – Supervisor, Career Services

Namrata Naz – Manager, Intake Services

Harpreet Suri – Team Leader, Intake Services

Jasmine San Miguel – Program Coordinator, MNAARS

Eda Can Karabal – Program Coordinator, Labour Market Connections


Employment Solutions for Immigrants Inc. is in full compliance with the requirements under The Public Sector Compensation Disclosure Act (CSSM Chapter P265), Sections 2(1) and 3(1) as at March 31, 2022.

This Act applies to employees who were paid $75,000 or more in the year beginning in 2020.

Proactive Annual Compensation Disclosure

Name: Judith Hayes
Title: Executive Director
Organization: Employment Solutions for Immigrants Inc. | Manitoba Start
Annual Salary: $100,000