The Momentum Centre is recruiting participants for our program, Momentum Now! which starts November 26th, 2013. This program is seeking clients who:

1.  are currently on Employment and Income Assistance
2.  who are between 18 and 30
3.  have an English Benchmark of 5 or higher

For the past 9 years The Momentum Centre has excelled in finding meaningful work experience in participants fields of interests or expertise. We deliver comprehensive professional development where participants learn how to succeed in the workplace. The curriculum includes leadership and facilitation skills,  conflict resolution skills, communication skills, learning how to take initiative, understanding your specific work place culture and how to thrive in it,  stress management skills and building resiliency, resume writing, and developing strong cross cultural diversity skills. Participants leave the program with excellent skills to thrive in the workplace and successfully manage stresses at home. Staff are there to provide excellent supports and coaching while you are making this transition to the work world.

The program starts with 6-week (30 hours a week) pre-employment seminars where participants receive extensive and free professional development while they stay on EIA benefits. During this time participants work collaboratively with staff to develop a meaningful work experience that will hopefully lead to ongoing employment or else going back to school with a more informed view of the field. Then participants transition into a paid 24 weeks (close to 6 months) work experience component/and weekly professional development that participants help choose. The program pays participants $13 an hour for 37.5 hours a week.

We are looking for job ready applicants who are motivated to move their lives forward, work towards their career goals and next steps, and who enjoy hands on and highly participatory (fun) training.

Please contact the Momentum Centre at 204-415-7488 if you are interested in registering, and qualify for the Momentum Now! Program.