About Our Staff
“Manitoba Start has impressed us with their efficient, professional manner—an approach that not only inspired confidence, but has generated the results we need during our recruitment process.”
E., Human Resources, REHAU Industries Inc.

“[Manitoba Start] took the time to get to know our organization and what we were looking for. This groundwork leading up to the interview process was very important to ensure the position, organization, and applicant were well matched before we even met.”
Leslie, HR Coordinator, Visions of Independence

“The staff at Manitoba Start really went the extra mile to make sure that the people we hired were fully prepared to come work for us.”
Curtis, Research Associate, Probe Research Inc.

“We are most impressed with the amount of time taken by Manitoba Start liaisons to understand our services and our recruiting needs, leading to a win-win hire each time.”
Kristin, HR Coordinator, Epic Opportunities

“Manitoba Start’s Job Developers work hard to connect with employers and assess workplace needs.”
Richel, HR Coordinator, E-Care Contact Centers

“You really seem to understand our need for candidates who are engaging, passionate and enthusiastic about working with the public.”
Veronique, Recruitment and Benefits Manager, The Fairmont Winnipeg Hotel

“Manitoba Start accepted our challenge to find us the very best personnel with the skill sets we seek. Their efforts resulted in many new hires for us.”
Deb, Account Executive, Apptius Computer Solutions Inc.

“Manitoba Start listens to our specific needs in each circumstance and ensures they take appropriate action.”
Nicole, Resource Coordinator, ORG Canada – Specialized Residential Services

“You were always ready to supply me with great prospects equipped with knowledge, experience and great attitude.”
Ahmed, Associate Owner, Shoppers Drug Mart (2422)

About Our Programs
“Manitoba Start knows how to support and get new Manitobans off to a great start!”
Leslie, HR Coordinator, Visions of Independence

“Manitoba Start is an excellent support for newcomers.”
Yolo, Lab Director, Horizon Lab

“The Manitoba Start program is a complete win-win situation for both the employees and employers.”
Rob, Manager, Human Resources, Tetra Tech WEI Inc.

“We were very happy with the [diversity] training, and have noticed an increased cultural awareness with our managers and are proud of this.”
– Susan, HR Consultant

“By partnering with Manitoba Start, we have been able to consistently hire the right people, with the right skills, at the right time.”
– E., Human Resources, REHAU Industries Inc.

“We all felt the [diversity] workshop was very beneficial. I learned some new things about my staff and myself. I would highly recommend this workshop.”
Cathie, Univillage Student Daycare

“The [diversity] workshop was designed specifically for our services and the content was extremely beneficial to us. We recommend [diversity] workshops to anyone who is working with newcomers.”
Laurie, Executive Director, South Central Immigrant Services

“Manitoba Start provides valuable support services, such as job readiness programs to help prepare new Canadians for employment in Winnipeg.”
Richel, HR Coordinator, E-Care Contact Centers

About Our Candidates
“Each person hired as a result of our partnership with Manitoba Start has brought greater diversity and value to our team.”
Kristin, HR Coordinator, Epic Opportunities

“Manitoba Start has been an excellent source for highly skilled, educated and enthusiastic candidates.”
Michael, HR Diversity Coordinator, Manitoba Public Insurance

“Some of our top employees have been brought to us from Manitoba Start.”
Kelli, Owner, Nova Physiotherapy

“We have added a number of individuals from the Manitoba Start program to our team and couldn’t be happier with the results.”
Carl, Director, E.H. Price

“The diversity brought by applicants from Manitoba Start has a positive impact on our Customer Service within our Branch network.”
Sandra, Customer Service Manager, Scotiabank

“The quality and diversity of trainees that Manitoba Start has sent us gives an impression of an effective selection process. We highly recommend this program.”
Fidel, President and CEO, The Cadpower Group

“By using Manitoba Start we have been able to recruit and retain highly qualified individuals that have the drive to succeed and contribute to [our] overall success.”
E., Human Resources, REHAU Industries Inc.

“Since beginning a partnership with Manitoba Start, we have seen great success. The people we have hired have been capable, dependable, hardworking employees.”
Nicole, Resource Coordinator, ORG Canada – Specialized Residential Services